History and Mission

History of Records Management at UVA

Prior to 2008, records management functions were part of the job of an archivist in the Special Collections Library.  Upon completion of a Process Simplication Project, the current University Records Management Office was created, reporting to the Information Security, Policy & Records Office (ISPRO). In May 2017, the office moved its reporting to the Assistant VP for Compliance.

The 2008 Process Simplification Report indicated several goals for the creation of a records management office:

  • Hire a profesionally trained full-time records manager
  • Offer training and provide guidance to departments and units so they can take primary responsible for the management of records in their custody
  • Reduction in storage of records across the University by proper compliance to retention time periods

University Records Management Office Mission

The University Records Management Office is firmly committed to excellence in the records management services we provide to our customers (including University faculty, staff, students and the citizens of Virginia). Our primary goal is that all records, in all formats, be efficiently managed, retained and destroyed in compliance with all administrative, audit, legal, financial, historical, and research policies and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University of Virginia.