Records Destruction (RM3)

Requirements for Destruction of University Records

The University of Virginia is a state-supported institution; as such University records are subject to the Virginia Public Records Act (VPRA). Per the requirements of the VPRA, you must confirm all of the following before destroying University records:

Instructions for Completing the Destruction Process

To obtain approval to destroy Agency 207 (University academic area) records, complete the Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3) form and email it as a Word document attachment (no need to print or get signatures at this point) to Barring any major issues, you typically will be approved within 1-2 business days. Agency 209 (UVA Medical Center) offices should consult the Health System's Records Management website.

Detailed instructions for completing the RM3 form can be found in written form or via our new training video.

To determine the appropriate record series, search the retention schedule database.