UVADiscovery is a service offered by the Records Management Office to assist with the collection and processing of electronically stored information (ESI) requested for legal matters, FOIA requests, internal and external investigations, business continuity needs, or law enforcement matters.

UVADiscovery services include collection, scanning of paper records, and the use of UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy, a web-based tool which allows sorting/culling, search, review, and production of ESI.

All requests are handled according to the Electronically Stored Information Release Standard, and in compliance with both the Privacy and Confidentiality of University Information (IRM-012) and the Data Protection of University Information (IRM-003) policies. 

Make a request for electronically stored information (ESI)

Please submit your Request for Electronically Stored Information (ESI) via ServiceNow to make your request.

You should receive a response within one business day confirming your request and outlining next steps.

UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy - Click to launch (authorized users only)

When applicable, the ESI you request will be loaded into UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy, enabling:

  • Ingestion and search across multiple stores of ESI.
  • Sorting/culling based upon date range and/or search terms.
  • Review and assignment of determinations (responsive, non-responsive, privileged, etc.) on ESI.
  • Creation of production sets in a variety of formats.

Access to the system is managed by the Records Management Office.

Cost to use UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy

The University pays for ingestion, search, and storage with UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy on a per gigabyte basis. With most small matters, departments will not be charged for use of the service, however there are some circumstances that can trigger cost recovery charges. 

The average cost to the University for ingestion and storage of a typical email account is $150. Services such as scanning, forensic collection, and complex productions may incur additional costs. Cost recovery for use of UVADiscovery services will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact the Records Management Office for additional information. 

UVADiscovery: Frequently Asked Questions - Click to View