Records Destruction (RM3)

Records Destruction

Per the requirements of the Virginia Public Records Act (VPRA), you must confirm all of the following before destroying University records:

  • the retention period for the record series, as specified in the retention schedule database, has expired;
  • there is no pending litigation, audit, investigation, or Virginia Freedom of Information Act request for the records; and
  • a completed Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3) form has been approved by the University Records Officer.

Completing the Destruction Process

These instructions apply to UVA Academic (Agency 207) records. For UVA Medical Center (Agency 209) records, consult the Medical Center Records Management Office.

  1. Determine the appropriate record series and retention by searching the retention schedule database.
  2. Download the Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3) and email it as an Excel spreadsheet attachment to [email protected]. Review these detailed instructions before completing the RM3 form.
  3. Once the form is approved, you may destroy the records. Watch this video on preparing records for destruction.