• Virtual Training Opportunities

    RIM is offering increased training while we’re working away from the office.

    Subcribe to our mailing list for weekly announcements and check out the full schedule.

  • The RM3 Goes Electronic!

    The Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3 form) no longer has to be submitted in paper!

    Review the new instructions (located here) and use the updated form going forward (located here).

  • Use URMA to track your records

    The University Records Management Application (URMA) is a web-based tool designed to track both the location and the retention of your records. It also allows you to complete the RM3 process electronically!

    Read about the system, request an account, and learn about training opportunities in the URMA section of our website.

  • Guidelines for Digital Records Storage

    State and federal regulations allow for the storage of records in digital format as long as best practices are followed in the organization, storage, security, and retention of the data and information.

    View the new guidelines here.

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Organizing Electronic Records

Welcome to May 2020, very different than expected. We've added a few new resources to our website as we transition to our new work environments. Check out the Training & Resources section for guidelines on managing your electronic records.

Posted: May 11 2020 - 1:12pm