Release of Electronically Stored Information

Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Records & Information Management handles all requests for electronically stored information (ESI) for legal matters, FOIA requests, internal and external investigations, business continuity needs by current and former employees, or law enforcement matters.

All requests are handled in accordance with the Electronically Stored Information Release Standard, and in compliance with the Privacy and Confidentiality of University Information (IRM-012) and the Data Protection of University Information (IRM-003) policies.

Storage Locations

RIM can attempt to retrieve information from Microsoft (Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint), UVA Box, Collab, and other UVA-managed data sources.

It is UVA policy to deactivate and delete accounts upon employee termination. If the recovery window has passed, RIM will not be able to retrieve information.

Submit a Request

Current employees can submit an ESI Hold or Request ticket through ServiceNow. Provide as much detailed information as possible to expedite requests.

Citizens and representatives of the media must make requests for information through the Freedom of Information Act process.

Approval Requirements

Requests for accounts associated with former employees, and requests by former employees, require permission from the appropriate approving official (a Dean or VP-level approver within the requestor's business unit).

Fulfillment Timeframe

Once RIM has received permission from the approving official, information recovery generally occurs in 3-5 business days.

Delivery Method

Microsoft content (Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint) will be exported and provided to the requestor for download as a data file. UVA Box and Qualtrics content will be reassigned to another employee's account.

Review and Release of Information

When information requires review prior to release, the use of UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy, a web-based tool which allows sorting/culling, search, review, and production of ESI, is utilized.