Off-site Storage Vendors

The University has agreements with two vendors for off-site storage of paper and other physical records: EDM Americas and Patterson Pope.  Storage locations used by these firms meet UVA's Institutional Physical Records Storage Standards for off-site locations.

The University Records Management Office (URMO) serves as an intermediary with these vendors by coordinating the pick-up and/or delivery of your boxes as well as final disposition (typically destruction) once your records have met retention.  

When utilizing these services, your department is required to have an account with the vendor, and can make payments using a University Purchasing Card (P-Card). You will also need to have an URMA account.

Click on the "Vendor Information" and "Cost Comparison/Calculator" links on the left to learn more about the two contracted vendors, and their prices and services. Once you've made your decision, submit a Storage Account Creation Form to set up your account.