UVADiscovery - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is UVADiscovery?

UVADiscovery is a service, offered by the Records Management unit of the Information Security, Policy and Records Office (ISPRO), to assist in the collection, culling, review, and production of electronically stored information (ESI), including email, documents, and spreadsheets requested in an investigation, litigation, business continuity, or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The University has procured the use of Zovy Advanced Discovery (a cloud service) as a tool to cull, review, and produce ESI as part of its UVADiscovery services. The tool is referred to as UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy.

  1. I've received a FOIA request. Should I submit a UVADiscovery request? 

No, you should forward your request to the FOIA Officer (email¬†[email protected]). Visit the¬†FOIA website¬†for further information.

  1. I've received a search warrant, and/or have police asking for access to someone's ESI. Should I contact UVADiscovery?

‚ÄãNo, you should contact UVA's Office of the General Counsel at 434-924-3586. They handle all legal requests.

  1. I've received a legal hold notice from the General Counsel's Office. Should I turn over my email to you?

At this point, you must preserve the information indicated in the legal request, but do not yet need to turn the information over to UVADiscovery. Once you have received notice to turn over your information, we will be in touch to collect the preserved data. 

  1. Is there a cost for using UVADiscovery services?

There is a cost to the University for the use of Zovy Advanced Discovery (the cloud service behind UVADiscovery Powered by Zovy). In some cases, a portion of this cost is charged back to departments or responsible units making use of the Zovy service. If the request is for a small or simple matter, there is no charge. If there are complicating factors such as a large amount of data to be ingested, unusual requirements, or if the department itself is charging outside parties for production of the ESI, charges may result. Basic cost information is listed near the bottom of the UVADiscovery page.

  1. Who can use this service?

Anyone with the proper approvals may use this service. Click here to learn more about requirements for requesting ESI.

  1. How do I make a request?

​Go to the request page, and follow instructions to make a request for ESI. A representative should be in touch within one business day to discuss the request and any additional requirements.

  1. How long does request fulfillment take? 

‚ÄãThe time frame for a request being ready for review and/or production is dependent on several factors:

  1. The amount of data being ingested. For example, one email account or just a few will take less time than a request for many accounts.
  2. How quickly the reviewers review the information, including time allowed for new reviewers to learn how to use Zovy Advanced Discovery.
  3. The production format, additional items such as a privilege log, or other information required for production such as OCR and load/index files. 

The Records Management team should have a case ready to review within two business days of the completion of collection/ingestion.

Productions should be completed within three business days of review completion.

  1. I'm a reviewer using Zovy Advanced Discovery, and am not sure what I'm doing. Where can I get help?

​Please contact the Records Management Office for assistance.

  1. I've lost my Zovy Advanced Discovery password. How do I reset it?

Please contact the Records Management Office to request a password reset.